This game is almost perfect but no quite

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
There are a lot of things missing from this game but no one really cares. First I have to say I like this game better than gta vice city, a lot better than san andreas, and i havent played gta 4. Well anyway this game is missing helicopters. Thats right you cant ride helicopters at least I dont think so. And the next bad thing is to move a card you press the b button and to go back you press the y button. That is pretty hard controls for me but thats the only control problem. The second thing is the chracters and people are too small to see so you cant see their faces or features. You also cant see the cars from their back to their front or at least in my opinion. Everything els is perfect. The thing that make up for this missing things are the cops are a little aggresive and their is a new way to kill them which is more better or funner. Dont think funner is a word but ill use it anyways. The next best thing is the gameplay. The gameplay is same as gta but their is this feeling which makes the gameplay a lot better than other gta games. Dont know what but if i were you i would get it. While the game play is scored 12 the sound is scored 10. The missions are just right and too hard or easy. The next best thing is drug dealing. Drug dealing is the only way to make a lot of money. Another thing is the stylus minigames which is soo much better. And the casual gun stop. You dont go to the gun shop the gun shop comes to you. Get the game and see what i mean. The map is as big as always. There are other new thing i dont know what but i am not done with this game and so far this game has pulled me in the most since jump ultimate stars and zelda. You know what just go get this game. and thanks for reading my review.