one of the best games ever for the ds!!

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
ok, chinatown wars is extremely impressive for the ds because:

1. good graphics: the graphics in this are better than most ds games' graphics

2. fun gameplay: in this game, you can fool around all u want: u can be a taxi driver, u can save lives, and u can be a cop, i know, its aweseome..

3. great story line: the strory line is interesting and can be funny at times

4. amazing controls: the controls are great and are rarely annoying in this game, but the one thing that can get anoying is the camera, but hey, its hard to get perfect camera in a huge game like this...o ya....that reminds me...

5. deep legnth: this game has at LEAST 30 hours, just by doing story, which is kinda hard bc of the temptaation to do something insanely fun, also, the city is HUGE, it has a lot of gas stations, repare places (i forget wat there called), wacky jobs, and its one of the most outragist cities ive ever seen....well thats kinda obvious, o and the gps is rlly shows the route u have to go to just about anywhere in the city

chinatown wars is a game ill have for a very very very long time because of its great controls, good graphics, fun gameplay, great story line, amazing controls, and deep legnth