One of the best portable games out there! New look down perspective, exciting drving and shooting missionsGet DS version

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
The game starts you off with Huang Lee trying to bring a sacred sword to his Uncle Kenny. He is then suddenly kidnapped and the sword is stolen. It is up to you to recover the sword, uncover all the fishy business brewing in the family and find out who murdered your father. You start to work for Uncle Kenny by going on various "fun-filled" missions. The driving is awesome and really enjoyable although the perspective differs since this is a overhead view. The gun play is a bit annoying sometimes and may take multiple tries since the targeting feature is a bit faulty. The range of weapons is decent from dual pistols, revolvers, pump shotgun, double shotgun- each gun has its on category up to flamethrowers and the big guns! The story is ok yet the dialogue in the game sometimes is not worth reading. Now you have contacts with drug dealers and can trade and buy to earn money and trophies.
The touch screen controls are sweet you can make your own Molotov cocktails, pick car alarm systems, assemble single and much more! Because of this feature I think it is better played on the DS.
In conclusion this is a likeable and fun game all around and a must buy for the DS!