Its time to get $gangsta$ on the ds!

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
With such a wonderful and successful game on the ds, you just wonder to yourself why it hasn't being made before. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown wars is a brilliant and extraoridarily well made game on the ds and when it delievers, it delivers.

When tuning the grand GTA franchise into the handheld, there has to be restrictions but Chinatown Wars totally makes you enjoy the game without feeling too bad that something aint there.
As a asian punk who lost a artefact and a relative, you've being putten into liberty city to find your new life and making a punk-ass living out of it. You will meet many different people willing to get your aid on their dark lives making you really get a taste of gangsta life where all the gameplay kicks in.

There's a fair amount of guns and weapons in this game from a ak47 to an chain saw and it's all just too entertaning when you go chopping the citizens for money and weapons which drops from the citizens.
The shooting mechanic isnt exaclty well aimed for when facing alot of people because of the d-pad move when you shoot but it really adds spice to city travelling like all GTA games. Driving a car is fine especially where theres a fair amount to hijack. Shooting out of a car is a nice, nifty feature but you'll need some practice. One other thing about driving a car is that when the cops come after your with their cars, your car can ram theirs and seriously cause some hectic mayhem on the roads to get rid of your wanted level. The wanted level is a number of cop cars and stars and wheres more of it the more they want your head on a stick.
To earn money for city living theres ambulance work, cop work, rampages and challenges with cars to earn some decent cash but one thing thats really nice is drug dealing. Thats right boys and girls you can deal your your crack on your ds!
Drugs cost money you buy drugs, some people would want your drugs and would pay a gracious amount of money and you do what it isn needed. As you buy drugs they show the profit and loss for your purcahse meaning is this a good buy or a rip off. With 6 different types of drugs costing in various prices. Its a convenient way to loss or earn money in a snap.

Graphics is spctacular on the ds with great colours blending on the city considering the tragic limitations of the ds' graphics.

Many people would kiss Nintendo for letting GTA come to the ds. If you wanna know more of the why just play this game.