In a game that is quite controversial and a game that scares parents, it is surprisingly good and just as bad!

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
This game is not a kids game! I repeat, this game is not for kids! Ok now this game is just as bad as the console GTA.

STORY: You head to Liberty City to return your dead fathers sword. Your then jumped and almost killed. After you escape you start to except missions from around the chinese gangs.

GAMEPLAY: This game hits classic gold. The old GTA games were above view. This game is too. You have to lock on to enemies to kill them though, but other than that this game works like a dream.

PRESENTATION: This game looks good. Good for a DS game. This game has a whole city smashed into it, and with no slowdown, lag, or graphical issues this game is definitly pretty.

BUY IT! If your old enough though. I have found a crap load of used condoms. Not anything fun. Also there are loads of side missions. LOADS! You can even drive down the street and find random missions.