Although the controls are not perfect, it is hard to complain when the game is just so fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Slam Tennis WII
I was one of those people who expected grand slam tennis to be an unbelievable leap in the world of wii motion gaming. I thought it would be perfect 1 to 1 control, unlike anything that has ever been made. I expected that the game would literally put a tennis racket in your hand. Well, I was wrong. Grand Slam Tennis does not create a perfectly realistic game of tennis. provides an engaging and fun tennis experience with good motion controls.

My take on just the controls:

At first, I was seriously turned off. My first impression was trying to hit the balls shooting out of the machine while my character did the exact opposite motions that I was doing. This first impression is Grand Slam Tennis at its broken moments. These moments may happen every 15-25+ rallies. Now when the game works, it is a great experience that destroys all other motion attempts on the wii without motion plus. When it works, your hand movements will be more or less reflected by your characters racket no matter where you are on the court. You can choose between adding top spin to the ball, performing a slice, or performing a flat shot based on whether you swing up, down, or to the middle. What really sets this game apart, is its horizontal shot placement. This is made by swinging the racket in the direction you want the ball to go, and stopping you're hand so the side of the remote is pointing to where you want the ball to land. This almost always works when you do it the way the game tells you to. Even though you're motions may not be the most realistic tennis swings, you will be the most successful if you actually try to swing the remote roughly the way you swing a tennis racket. However, if you are not careful, the controls can get out of sinc. Your character may frequently have his/her hand out of place compared to where your own hand is. Many of these problems can be prevented by holding the wii remote still in a forward position after every swing (this is called recalibrating the remote). The only time this problem affects the gameplay, is when it is so out of sinc that you can't even make you're character turn to make a forehand or backhand swing. If you recalibrate after every swing, the only thing you really have to worry about is those times of utter brokenness that occur every 15-25 rallies.


No matter what, the game of tennis is always fun. Even with slightly inconsistent controls, this game feels more like playing tennis then almost any other game out there. When it comes down to it, this game is fun. There is a lot of skill involved in placing shots away from you're opponent, and optimizing where you are positioned on the court in order to make the best swings.


Really, I did not focus on graphics at all in this game. They are not impressive, but the cartoony look makes them look clean and they are never so bad that they are distracting. Crowd and court graphics are pretty bad, but characters are stylish even if they are kind of low-poly. In any case, during the action, I don't think I ever paid much attention to graphics.

Replay Value:

This is another place where the game shines. There is a full career mode in which you will level up your character as you play through the 4 slams as well as extra challenges along the way. You will be able to make a customized character, and add up to 3 skills gained while playing certain challenge matches. There are also a bunch of extra tennis modes that alter the rules a little bit. These aren't particularly impressive, but can be an entertaining diversion if you get sick of the normal game of tennis. What really extends replay value is the online play. The connection runs perfectly smooth almost all the time, and games can get extremely intense. My only gripe is that in order to play doubles, you have to drag a friend into the game. The only reason I can think of for this is so that you only need to connect to 2 other people, rather than 3. Of course, the game includes local mutiplayer that can be really fun if all players have motion plus. Overall, since the game is so fun, just playing online and normal exhibition matches will rarely get boring.

The game did not meet my expectations. But once I realized how much of a leap this is from previous wii motion attempts, I noticed that this game is truly impressive.