A very good first time effort by EA at a tennis game!

User Rating: 9 | Grand Slam Tennis WII
This game is by far the best tennis game I have ever played!

I had recently picked up virtua tennis 2009 and was very dissapointed by how much like VT3 it was, not to mention the career mode was the most boring mode ever.

ANYWAY, this game is a grower and you need to know how wii motion plus works before you really begin to enjoy it but when you finally do get a hang of the control system you begin to realise how realistic, dramatic and fun this game really is!

There are some glitches and if you make a small misjudgment you player can look really silly when he hits the shot but these minor problems are easily ignored when you get the hang of the controls.

The career mode is a bit bland I have to admit but the online mutiplayer makes up for it and more, online rankings table and nation table are great. (Even though when i checked my country was last :( )

Overall it was a fine first effort from EA and hopefully the next installment of the game will be a perfect 10/10!