I want my money back.

User Rating: 3 | Grand Slam Tennis WII
I don't know what game people are reviewing, but it's not this one.

Here are some of the glaring faults that prevent this from being a decent game:

1) It just refuses to swing... and I mean often
2) If you let your player run on his own, he overruns the ball 80+% of the time so now instead of a great forehand shot, you end up with a crazy little squib shot because you're swinging forehand with the ball behind you.
3) The thing likes to swing when you're changing from fore to back or vice-versa. (You try to setup for the right shot and it still barfs.)
4) The timing is... generous. Because it had to be. My 4 year old can volley in this game... until it doesn't swing.

This game would be relatively easy to beat if it worked. But it's incredibly hard to beat when every 3rd volley your guy just decides not to swing. I thought it might just be my controller. But having tried two different controllers, it's all bad.

So far, the Motion Plus and this game have been an ENORMOUS disappointment.