The best Tennis game ever!!!

User Rating: 9 | Grand Slam Tennis WII
The best tennis game is here people! I am from Greece and i am playing the game right now. It is fantastic! Top realism! Motion plus makes the game almost virtual reality!

Sound: The best sound in a tennis game. The crowd is awesome!

Graphics: I love the cartoon style characters...

Gameplay: With wii motion plus the games goes to another dimension! Perfect simulation!

A.I.: The computer plays super tennis and you must practise alot before trying to win even a match in medium difficulty! Not for amateurs...

Online: I played many matches with no lag at all!!!! National leaderbords included!

Some people may find it very difficult in the beginning and i am sure they will say ''what stupid game is this'?', but i am telling you, keep practicing and you will be rewarded!

Overall i give 9.0