The best and the worst wii sports game, all in one package!

User Rating: 8 | Grand Slam Tennis WII
GST is awesome: you can make your opponents run from the left to the right to the left.... With pinpoint precision the motion plus can aim at every corner until they can't reach the ball any more.
That is if you are prepared to have patience learning how to play nunchuk-wise.

Don't believe those who say the nunchuk is too hard to play with!
Don't believe those who state that net players cannot be overcome!
In fact you can deal with any lousy trick your opponents can throw at you. There IS a way to defeat that baseline lob coming back at you, there IS a way to return the hardest serve in the world. Don't believe those who say it cannot be done!

But better believe those who say this game is also a pain in the ass. They will blame the motion plus for it. And most probably they are wrong.
Whereas in Tiger Woods PGA 10 and NHL 2K10 there is a 'B' button on the back of the wiimote that is essential to launch a decisive shot, GST programmers have omitted pressing 'B'. You just... swing to hit that ball, sounds cool.
Yet the result is CATASTROPHIC, as the motion plus, sensitive as it is, sometimes confuses launching a shot with positioning your racket. The slightest movement may trigger a shot before the ball reaches you: 0-15!

Another annoying issue: every now and then the wiimote runs out of sync. This maybe wouldn't have been a problem if players had had the opportunity to pause the game for a while to recalibrate, like it is done in Sports Resort.
In stead players have to recalibrate during the game. In the mean time, your return balls will be far less accurate, some will be unintenionally sliced and/or end up out of bounds: 0-30, 0-40.

Then all of a sudden, the hiccup is over, it's again a great joy to play. Until you find out the referee has unfairly awarded your on-line opponent with yet another point, and there we have a love game.

This is a third annoying feature, the on-line bugs.

Fortunately, most of the time, let's say 80% of the time, things DO go the right way (that is for YOU and only you, not incalculating possible misery for your opponent), and playing GST feels like real tennis to some extent. Unfortunately, 20% is filled with frustration.

The 80 % game works great, is a true delight to play, extremely addictive, a nice workout for your body, merits a 9/10.
The 20 % game doesn't work at all, and is worthy of no points at all.

Grand Slam Tennis is a delightful, addictive failure.