F1 Racing at its very best

User Rating: 9.4 | Grand Prix II PC
This game definately redefines the limits of what is considered as a pure racing game. The design and the realism behind hte game is all just too much to describe in just simple terms. Unlike traditional racing games where you select a car and just go straight into the race this game offers you many different options that you can select for your vehicles. Each of these options make your experience with the vehicle more realistic or they make it more fictional. For example there are automatic transmission systems which can be switched over to manual. There are also other things such as automatic steering and braking assistance which all can be turned off so the game would be a real life like simulation of real F1 Racing. The effects of what happens after every crash are much more realistic in this game than in many of the other fictional games where you can just keep going, even after you've hit a corner at speeds up to an excess of 150 miles per hour. Overall I would definately recommend this game for the PC, especially since its graphics requirements aren't all that high anymore.