An Abomination: glitchy, Bad graphics, terrible mess of a game.

User Rating: 2 | Grand Ages: Rome PC
I feel terrible right now, after just playing about 2 hours straight of Grand Ages: Rome. I honestly want to kill the makers of this game.

Ok we have to start somewhere, so how about the good stuff first:

-Alot of different modes.

-The game can get deep at times

Thats about all i can think of, as far as positives go.

So, let my rant begin:

-Terrible AI will attack a wall and they will all die (my enemies are terrible)

-Most bonuses of your monuments only effect a small portion of your city.

-Glitchy-as-hell graphics make the game a living hell! Play fallout 3 on highest quality? you will allways experience lag on any setting on this game.

-The controls of this game are terrible. Have fun trying to look around non-existant corners because when trying to change camera angles, you will want to kill yourself.

- Do you like fire? Get ready to have every single one of your houses burnt down until you finally get a fire department, which they name something else, completely random and in my opinion, is placed in the wrong section of buildings.

-Do you like re-inforcing stereotypes about the upper , middle , and lower class? Get ready for Grand Ages: Rome! Where you will be treated to a game which makes sure that if you live in an apartment, you must be a farmer, and if you live in a mansion, you must be a high priest! Talk about Grand Ages!

-Did i mention this game is just bad. There is a better-looking, etc. Black and White 2 is almost 5 years old now, and it's much, much better than this game.