Best Strategy Game I've Played!!!

User Rating: 10 | Grand Ages: Rome PC
I think that Grand Ages Rome is sweet. The story-line is good and pulls you into the game in a really well done manner. I am into the military levels more than the city building. The best thing about this game is how closely detailed it is in all aspects. In the cities, if you zoom in on a street in your city, then the people are not all looking the same and change with their scenario. In the military levels, I like how the enemy AI is intelligent and how strategy comes into play. For example, if I have a massive army, then I would be able to attack head on and destroy anything in my way, but if i am only supplied with and army of 2 squads i have to set up my army in a way where i cannot only use brute force. The naval battles rock. Overall the graphics are superb.
I am not thrilled about the fires since they sometimes spread way too quickly. Also, how one building can supply only one work place. I am still picking my way around the game and didn't get to try out the multi-player part yet. But, it's probably a lot of fun. Although there are some small flaws, I think this is by far the best Rome theme strategy game I've ever played.