Draw Out Your Cities Before Building, Otherwise They Will Burn

User Rating: 5 | Grand Ages: Rome PC
Ive played most of the RTS games as well as city building games, id have to say this one is the worst, while the graphical qualities are fairly candy-ish, the fact that leaving a building empty more than a minute means you need to draw your city out every time you go somewhere new before you build it, otherwise you're wasting your money. This was a major complaint with the demo and they haven't corrected it in the full version.

Some may consider my review harsh or hard, I've even seen people on the mb's and forums flame for people talking in a negative way about this game, saying I cant find the instant win button. Sorry folks your wrong, any game that is made where someone who actully does plan out their city pays for it, is sadly not up to par. As I said in the review deck, you may as well draw out the cities before you build them otherwise it'l never go any where near to plan. They need to lower the amount of fires and riots, especially in the beginning.

Overall, Id give this a 5 out of 10, every point for graphical experience, 0 for actual play. My only advice for the studio/publishing house, patch it and have more quality testing/playtesting before you publish next time.


I am patching to the new version which came out very quickly after the release, this reminds me too much of Scarface for the PC and the huge mess that was. They published it and half the country who met or beat the minimum specs and still couldn't play it. I'm willing to bet they published knowing these problems would become issues but were trying to make deadline, this is usually because of investors and or publishing house.