Most who downgrade this, can't adapt to the difficulty

User Rating: 8 | Grand Ages: Rome PC
As stated, People who downgrade this game (not everyone, but most) can't adapt to its difficulty.
Yeah, it is actually pretty hard time to time, and certain scenarions seems impossible, where they tell you to get water from a spring miles and miles away (the aquaduct cant reach that far)
Or when the computer is constantly attacking you.

But its there where this game shines, it have a great balance in all aspects, exept some building parts.
The graphics are trully amazing, and the complex of building part is alot of fun and unique, like make 2 roads beside eachother and put up a Well in middle, will create tree's around it and make it more plaza like.

So yet again, it can be frustrating hard time to time, and some stuff seems endless, but thats not the game's fault really, its just a bigger obstacle to master, and when you have, the rewards feels so much bigger aswell

If you like roman city build, i recommend this heartly, it have great depth and replayability.

Building part
Army management

Story (?)
Hard to satify every citizen
some stuff are hard to achive

Is it a buy?: definitly