The game that revolutionized racing games for years to come!

User Rating: 9 | Gran Turismo PS
The game that started it all, the first game in the long running series Gran Turismo. The game came out in late April of 1998, and ever since then it has had 4 sequels and a 5th one just around the corner. To start off, Your goal in the game is to race at tracks around the world, driving in cars of all kind such as a Dodge Viper and trying to get first place in the championship. The graphics in Gran Turismo were really good for back then, and surprisingly they still look pretty good still till this day!

The only thing that bugs me about the game are the controls. It can sometimes be hard to control and steer your car on the track. The only way you can really make a good turn while still keeping your car from sliding off the road is by using the E brake.

As for the sound in the game, the sound itself is great. The cars themselves sound just like their real life counterparts. You can hear everything from the roar of the cars to the crashes into the wall, lol. Also, the soundtrack featured in GT is pretty good.

OVERALL: 9.5 The very first installement in the Gran Turismo series is an instant classic and can be very addicting. The graphics look great for the original PS1 system. I had to take a few points off for the hard controls. But besides that minor detail its clear that Sony Entertainment has created a legend that has effected the way racing games have become for ever!