GT1; the best game in GT series but minor error and glitches would be a little dissaponting

User Rating: 10 | Gran Turismo PS
Gran Turismo 1 is the best PS1 games and followed by its series, GT2, then GT3 and GT4 in PS2 and GT5 in PS3. Of course, Gran turismo 1 is the best game that i had been played. Although GT1 has not many car collections compared to the other series of Gran turismo, GT1 has a racing modification function where players can modify their cars into the real racing car and this function is only available in GT1 and GT2 only.

Also, when the player buy the car and hard tuning the car, and the player is planning to buy the same car, players doesn't need to buy the modification parts for the second car because player had been tuning the first car and player can tuning the second same as the first car for free but player must take part in racing event and players can tune the car. Not just these things but, player can tune the car for free if the first car had been tuned and then, the player sell the car but player is planning to rebuy the car that had been sold.

Gran turismo 1 is the best game but, there are some minor errors that you cannot solve. the first one is the car wash glitches where your credit will turn into negative value and unable to buy the cars and parts when you press the ' wash ' button. Also, driving rear- drive cars would cause oversteer and player must drive carefully to prevent the car from oversteer. This oversteer problem is still contunue in GT2 but you can only drive the rear-drive cars in GT 3/4/5 with no oversteer problems. The only way you can solve the oversteer problem is the player need to modify their cars into racing cars by racing modificatons.

Conclusions, GT1 is the best game but there are some minor errors that you can't get rid of it in the game.