the first of its kind and a style never used in any other game

User Rating: 9.5 | Gran Turismo PS
what i like in the game
i like how cars look and handle also the max speed test it actualy tells how fast youve gone the music is good and i like that every dealer has different music
i love how everything is easy to get to the home has 3 options garage save/load and trade which i love because you actually use it
most deallers have 4 places to choose new car, used car, special model and a tune up
the most expensive car in the game is a db7 but you can win it
most cars are between 100 and 300hp theres 100 cars total in this game
10 dealers 5 choices to race 22 races total
over all its a great game
in the used section you can buy good cars for a discounted price
the tuning is simular to gt2s set up vipers skylines corvettes and camaros are in the game too
rx7s civics tvrs 300z 3000gts eclipses