The start of one of the best racing games franchises of all time.

User Rating: 8.5 | Gran Turismo PS
Gran Turismo is one of the Playstation's killer titles.Their is a reason why this is the best selling Playstation 1 game of all time.It's one of the best racing franchises of all time and it desrves that title.Back when this came out in 1998 we haven't seen a racing game like it before.Now their are 2 types of gameplay modes for Gran Turismo.The Arcade mode where you just pick a car and have a quick fun race.Or you can go into the career mode.Where you earn money to buy Cars,Compete in races and do tests to get licenses.Now the cars in this game are very close to their really life counterpart.You can learn facts about them and customize them in everyway.You can give them better handling,Speed and less weight so that way you won't have to buy every car all the time just to be prepared for certin races.The racing is also very fun.The car's handle very well.Close to their real life counterparts they can drive well and it's simulated really nicely.Also their are only a couple tracks.Which might be a bit dissapointing but It's ok.As long as the gameplay is good that's all that matter's.Tracks include High Speed Ring,Special Stage Route 5,Trial Mountain and a few more.1 thing that does bring down the game a bit is The Licenses test.Which I found very annoying and not too fun for me.It does kinda bring the game down a bit because you need to pass all the Tests just to get through all the race career's.But overall Gran Turismo is truley one of the best racers you can find on the Playstation.The only game that's better than GT1 is Gran Tursimo 2.But yeah a must play if you love racing games.I only have 2 problems with it.The pointless Licenses Test and very few tracks.But this is still one game you need to buy.