Where Gran Turismo started.And it started well.

User Rating: 9 | Gran Turismo PS
Gran turismo was released for the Sony PlayStation in 1998 and it changed many gamers look on driving games. It was a very realistic game for its time and is still fun to play.

Sound 9/10

The music in the game is what really jumped out at me when starting Gran Turismo. it is this very cool techno style kind which changes when looking at different kinds of cars and doing certain things like washing your car and competing in races.

Graphics 9.5/10
Graphically Gran turismo is dated today but when it was released it was far ahead of its time. The car models were great and so was the environments.
You will notice some graphical flaws such as 2 dimensional trees and brackgrounds, but it shouldnt be a very noticeable flaw because you are having so much fun with the races.

Controls 8.0/10
The controls in GT might be the biggest flaw. It can be hard to control your car during many turns. Your car feels very light when racing and making large turns which can cause you to drift most of the time when taking turns but other than that the controls are solid and responsive.

Overall score 8.8/10

Gran Turismo is definitley a game that you have to add to your PlayStation library. It changed the way racing games were looked at and the fun has not left this game for almost 12 years. A great racing game that any racing fan should own