this is fun fun fun but hard hard hard

User Rating: 9.5 | Gran Turismo PS
the good
amazing gameplay
the bad
ugly graphics very hard
good ps1 games like this are really hard to find nowadays cause now most stores sell wii ds gc xbox xbox 360 ps2 ps3 psp but a real 32-bit gem if u r a racing fan or just lookin for a good ps1 game get this if u dont u r missing out on a good 32-racer i want you to get this it has 140 to 169 cars in it(WOW) if ur wondering it has ben put out as a platnum title and the most popular ps1 game as of 2008 it has cars from dodge nissan mazda tvr subaru acura chevy mitubishi and much mch more................................
gameplay 7/10
plot1/10 no plot at all
voice 3/10
music 6/10
i got it for my bro but he does play it very much now i have to play it buy my self... well thats all for now folks thanks for tuning in to FOXHOUND