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Hi guyz i am starting season 1 of our gran turismo 6 league very soon , all

races will be held every week on a tuesday evening at 9pm (UK time)

We have lots of experience in running leagues in gran turismo , we have been running leagues since

gran turismo 4


· No Corner Cutting (2 Wheels Must Be On The Track At All Times)

· Do Not Push People Of The Track If You Do You Must Let Them Back Past No Matter How Many Other Cars Pass You In The Meantime

· If You Do Not Let Them Back Past You Will Receive A Timed Penalty For That Race

· Race Monitors Decision Is Final

· No Downloading Or Any Other Connection Glitching While Racing

· If You Cannot Make A Race You Must Message The Admin At Least 24 Hours Before The Race Is Due To Start

· Keep The Headset Free For The 1st Lap So That People Can Say Which Side They Are Going To Pass You On

· Eu players only please

We are currently finalizing details for the league at the moment but we are currently running fun race events while all the details are finalised.If you are interested in joining us then visit our website from the link below.

Many thanks