Help. Reinstalling after 20million credit glitch

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After my frustration with the way you make money in this game, I decided to try the 20 million credit glitch, instead of spending around 100 dollars on the microtransfering thing.

Basically it consisted on buying the Mercedes Vision, deleting the Game Data on the system, relaunching the game and selling the car. It all went perfectly well, except now the Game Data isn't as big as it was, and I feel the game being slightly slower, by slower I mean loading times, etc.

I installed the 1.02 uprage, and it improved a bit, but my question is, how do I reinstall the game from scratch. I tried deleting everything and then launching the game, but it never installs it. Which eventually made me wonder if it ever was installed in the first place.

Please help me!

Thank you very much for your attention.