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I just saw the Nurburgring 24hrs race from 2012 and i realised that GT needs more emotions and soul into the game, it feels empty. PD should add car errors to the game and allow you to press the PS4's Options button or use the PS4's touch pad to communicate with your team in the pit, give them information regarding the status of the car.

e.g. The front tires are losing pressure.

The front headlights are damaged,my visibility is limited.

The engine feels dull.

Basic information, after you message your team should reply to you with advice and prepare a different strategy for the race. You should have the option to choose how many drivers you want to play as because obviously one driver doesn't drive a full 24hrs race, at the start of the race you should be able to mark each driver that will take part in the race as "A-Spec Driver" or "B-Spec Driver" so you can take a break while the other driver is racing and you should be able to give him advice to change the way he drives, encourage him and things like that, and also include the save option in endurance races, also they should make the AI be really aggressive sometimes so that it feels different and doesn't get repetitive, by communicating with your team and getting advice from them judging by the condition of the car or the weather, it would result in faster pit stops because you informed your team of the car status and the team will know what they have to do when you come to the pit.

(This won't be implemented in GT6 but i hope the future of GT on the PS4 has these features)

What do you think? i'm really curious to know what you guys think about the ideas posted above.

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hi man. really liked ur ideas! maybe in GT7 some of your ideas will be implimented :D

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Go back to more city tracks. I remember Seattle, Rome, Madrid, etc. Now there is this focus on real tracks. Look personally I want to keep both, but if I have to choose I prefer city tracks because they feel more diverse. I still don't understand why with both Forza and GT, 5-6 games later and you still keep the track limit at around 30 or so. How about knocking out half the cars that no one uses anyway and adding more tracks.

And GT def. needs to add Prague just like Forza 5 did. Also would like to see Andes road of death track, Venice, Johannesburg, Egypt, Beijing etc.

I mean just looking at the map on Forza 4, it skips like 70 percent of the world. It either US, Europe, or Japan.