Festival of Speed 5-3: Possible Spoilers.

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Up to this challenge, I had little difficulty in FoS. At most, some challenges took a max 4 attempts to complete with Gold. 6hr in, 500+ attempts and I've only completed the challenge once. 3 full seconds off the Gold pace. It's infuriating.

From the faintest breeze of a 'barrier hit', I mean faintest. To the car physically not turning when the only input into the controller is to turn wheels right. Even, 2mm into the grass and I'm spinning out with no hope of recovery. Or the phantom 'off course' disqualifications. How is it that having one tire still on the asphalt doesn't end my run when having 2 solidly on does the trick?

I get that it's a simulator. I get that the final(?) challenge is supposed to be challenging. What I don't get is the mass difficulty spike. In previous stages, glancing off a barrier would do nothing, going into the grass did not mean instant disqualification, my car didn't fail to turn when I wanted it too.


Anyone complete this challenge with Gold? How long did it take? Sixaxis or wheel? What were/are your issues with the game, if any?

I want whatever car comes with the gold, but I may be destined never to see it. Other than this problem, I'm having the most fun I've had in the GT series.