Some odd design choices keep it from GOTY discussion, but still a great game!

User Rating: 8.5 | Gran Turismo 5 PS3
Oh, if I could just travel back in time 2 years and talked to Polyphony Digital, maybe I could have helped this game be a 10/10. Because for the most part, its there. The graphics are great, the soundtrack is massive and varied, and the gameplay is completely solid.

If you like cars, you're going to love GT5, just don't expect a game for the gearheads, ala Forza. GT5 is more about collecting, customizing and tweaking your cars to be their best. The variety of races, as well as the odd restrictions put on some of them, ensure that you race a wide range of cars, and while I don't want to race a Yaris, I appreciate that the game forces me to buy one if I want all the trophies. Load times are an issue unless you commit to the 8GB install (which takes ~20 mins). There is so much to this game in terms of variety, and most of it is very detailed. Anyone expecting more from this game had unrealistic expectations. Was it massively delayed? Yes. Does that mean it should be perfect? Maybe. Is it? No freakin way, but its a game, come into it with an open mind and a lead-foot.

Were I to complain, I would talk about the archaic menu system, which is so confusing that adjusting music volume requires reading the instruction manual. Its also a bummer that things just aren't organized well - you can buy a wing for your car, but thats under maintenance for some reason, not in the tune shop. Very odd, and just one example of GT5's dishelved, disorganized UI. Get past the small flaws and you do have exactly what was promised however: The real driving simulator.