GT5 is the best simulator at the moment (Forza is terrible btw).

User Rating: 8.5 | Gran Turismo 5 PS3
GT5 is an excellent game/simulator that must have required lots of research to produce since all the cars are on point. Even the tracks are realistic and effect the speed of your car depending on the surface and the the air pressure. This game is primarily for those that are passionate about real life cars and there features.

If your looking for action packed racing, this is not for you. I would recommend something like burnout, midnight club etc (not need for speed though. nfs is the equivelent of cod for first person shooters).

Being a trophy hunter myself, this element of the game just takes the piss to be honest. It's ridiculously difficult and getting a platinum would take a lifetime unless your on crack. For example some trophies are only gainable after completing 24 hour races. Are you serious?!. I mean, what are they trying to prove by putting shit like this into the game?. I should get paid like lewis hamilton or even more for completing a 24 hour digital race. Obviously everyone complained and they fixed this shit up to enable you to save midway through a race so the next time you turn on your ps3 you can continue, but this still takes the piss and I will not attempt anything stupid like these races.

Overall a very good high quality game. A must buy for car enthusiasts. A very challenging game. At least if your successful at this game, then you get recognized and get given opportunities to become a real life racer in the real world to earn real money and get real poontang.