Wonderful Mood Setter

User Rating: 9 | Gran Turismo 5 PS3
So as I start this I am sitting here singing the opening music in my head. That is where I will start. The game is so easy to to just sit down and play. The intro to the game itself is enough to engulf you into the game. As you start you begin with easier races which grabs you and pulls you in. As you progress you receive cars and new items. What I really enjoyed was looking for cars through the used cars section and online sales section to perform various races. Took me a while to find a car that was from Japan but 79 or earlier. This was fun to me. The visual performance of the game is just mesmerizing. Then there is the game play. It takes a bit to get used to but that is what makes it fun. It is a wonderful challenge learning how each different car handles. Then as you upgrade a car the handling changes totally. It's the things like this that make this game different then the rest. It feels real. Great game and is a must have!