Slipping farther behind Forza's dominance.

User Rating: 5.5 | Gran Turismo 5 PS3
After having a go with this for a weekend I have decided that Polyphony should really be ashamed of themselves. This game took forever to make, they released this new version and it is still a mess. Why do all the tracks grass look the same? Why are 2/3 of the cars still the PS2 versions? Why is the career still more boring then court? Why is the car designer still a joke compared to Forza' Actually Forza 3 set a pretty high bar and Forza 4 completely rewrote the console sim racer. I am not sure what Polyphony Digital and Sony are doing but they seem to be in park. If you are bored making racers go do something else. 7 years and they still can't match up with Grid or Shift? They look like armatures compared to Turn 10 now. How the mighty have fallen. The game itself is a decent game and would score a 7. But the career is a boring choir. But when the faithful wait 6 or 7 years and get an incomplete game with cardboard tree's and then they bring out this version and there are still PS2 looking cars on the track next to the best looking cars on console? No. Just no. Sony and PD dropped the ball. And this is just crap. Even the tracks look recycled now. Recently Microsoft release Forza Horizon. It is almost like Microsoft is mocking them now. Strangely enough this game sold tons. More proof that gamers do not pay attention to reviews. Maybe they should?