Though just a taste of the real thing, GT 5 Prologue is a solid racing game in its own right.

User Rating: 8 | Gran Turismo 5 Prologue PS3
This review was published in March 2010- and the full version of GT 5 is not even released yet. For those who do not know, GT 5 Prologue is, like the title suggests, a Prologue to the game, so yes, I suppose those who call it a 'glorified demo' are somewhat correct. However, lets be honest, by the time of release, Prologue had more cars than whatever Need For Speed game was released at the time, and has enough replay value to justify its' budget price.

Despite it being just a 'Prologue', this version of GT 5 features over 70 cars, first time online support for the series, some amazing graphics, and... 6 tracks, but at least each of these tracks have got mirrored versions as well as a few extra routes which can make it feel like there are more than 6 tracks. It also showcases a few of GT 5's new systems, just as GT TV- an online video store in which players can purchase many car related videos of their choice and play them in game.

There are events in the game as well, classified as C, B, A (after the credits roll) and S. In each of these classifications are 10 events, which have many challenges just as the usual time trial, overtaking cars, and of course racing. Some are easy, while some may are much more challenging. Personally, I was able to complete all of these events in around 10 hours, while it took me 12 to get 40/40 gold trophies (Please note that these are in-game trophies, not those popular PSN ones everybody wants nowadays)

Online features are definitely welcome in GT, and this is the first one to support the mode. The game supports up to 16 players and the choice of choosing what sort of players you want to face by picking a difficulty category (just as Beginner, Advanced etc) is very convenient. During play, the game also has a penalty system, though not always accurate, it can prevent players from playing dirty and reckless. Depending on the difficulty and the amount of players racing, you earn credits for the place you finish in. So, if you want you can play the game with only online to get as much credits to purchase all the 70+ cars in the garage.

In all, online is a step in the right direction, and it is good to see that I was personally able to play matches near flawlessly. Another new feature to the GT series is the in-car view, which has been finally brought into this release. Inside detail of each car in the game is quite what it is in real life-well, at least from what I know. But the point is, the in-car view is great.

GT 5 Prologue may be a preview of the real thing, but it still showcases some powerful graphics the PS3 can offer. Bound to get better when the full game releases, Prologue is still a satisfying visual treat with incredibly detailed car models and excellent lightning. Though, it would be nice to see tracks with the option with a night time mode, but there's always next time. Screen tearing is not a problem, and the game runs in a nice 60 FPS.

The sound effects again, are fantastic. The engine roars are what you'd hear from reality- again, from what I know. On the other hand, the music soundtrack is all down to opinion, though I sometimes just turn the music off altogether (apart from the menu music, which is relaxing and peaceful). I must say though, whatever music tracks apparent are much better than what GT 4 had.

So, should you get this preview of a 'full' product? Well, if you are a GT fan then definitely yes, it can at the very least try to shake off the wait needed for the yet to be released full GT 5. Otherwise, it's a maybe, if you are looking for a head start (and perhaps some practice) or maybe just a good racing game then you should try it out. For everyone else, a rent is probably the highest attention you're going to give it.
Though just a taste of the real thing, GT 5 Prologue is a solid racing game in its' own right.

- Features online play and finally, a in-car view
- Over 70 cars. That's a lot for a 'demo'
- Amazing graphics
- Realism of the physics is still a great thing which has always been present in GT

- Custom soundtrack would have helped
- It's a 'demo'

Presentation: A preview of the full thing, and shows us a few new features of the GT series just as online and the in-car view. Oh, and the menus are a bliss to go through- 90%

Gameplay: This may be only a taste of what to expect, but what here is satisfying. The online is a welcome addition while the realism and physics the series is known to offer is great as always -80%

Visuals: Car models are detailed vibrantly, no screen tearing and no framerate drops. It all runs in 60 FPS too. No surprise here.-95%

Audio: Car engine noises are as good as you'd come to expect, but at least give us the choice to make our own soundtracks...- 70%

Value: Single player events may be short as a whole, but online will last for quite a bit. Even if it is a 'demo' there's a lot of value here, and it's a budget price- 75%

Score tilt: 2 years have passed since release, and the GT TV store may not be getting much updates, at least there are online updates and maintenance. However, a few more tracks over the months for free or DLC would have been nice. The game itself is a distraction for the real thing. And it's quite a good distraction- 75%

Overall- 77.5%