this game is the last great masterpiece of a system that has had so many good games.

User Rating: 9.8 | Gran Turismo 4 PS2
the words in the back of the box speak for themselves,the drive of your life,and it is.this games surpasses all the rest by a full mile.first let me start
with the graphics.when i saw this game on my tv i could'nt believe my eyes.the graphics were breathtaking,quite possibly the best looking ps2 game out there.when i saw how well they recreated time square here in new york,my jaw dropped.thats why i gave it a ten in graphics

now the gameplay,it's starts off hard,at least for me it did because the last gt game i play was 2 on ps1,but as soon as you finally get the hang of it,everything becomes second nature.another 10

the sound,is amazing and all but sometimes it feels like someone lowered the volume and can barly hear it,and the songs in it are'nt very good,i loved the one in the a spec opening movie,lenny kravitz,that was nice.and i like the one they put in gt4 panama from van halan,even though i thought it was dangerzone from top gun.i give it a 8

now lastly the has the photo travel and photo race feature which i gotta say is a big reason this get such big value points,my favorite back round is the new york skyline view from brooklyn.because of this i give it a 10

so basically the sound hurts it a little,but gran turismo is a must buy stiil.