Best Real Simulator... You bet it is

User Rating: 10 | Gran Turismo 4 PS2
The game is excellent, it really makes you feel like your actually driving a REAL car. There is a massive variety of cars to choose from manufacturers such as Ford, Vauxhall, pagani and all those really popular companys including some even I have never heard of. The game is simply massive, I have been playing the game for at least 6 months and a half, and I am only on 10.5%. It really does take a long time to do the races and the championship races do get rather hard, but thats what makes them a challenge, right?

The Graphics are excellent for a console of this age, Developers of the game have said that they had taken a hundred pictures of the cars in the game and from all angles, and had pain-stakingly modelled each and every one out of Seven Hundred! That is is very impressive and it is a thrill for me to try and drive every single one! :D

The controls are very responsive and when combined with a steering wheel.... the fun really starts. It really makes you feel you are actually doing a driving test.

The game is definately worth to be in your collection and is most certainly in mine and It will be for a very long time to come..