Graffiti Kingdom Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. VS. Mode Codes for 2 Player Mode

    Select VS. Mode and hold these buttons as you select 2 Player Tournament mode. The character used by Player 1 is listed first, while the character used by Player 2 is listed at the end. Pixel Vs. Pastel doesn't need any combination of buttons to hold, it is the one used by default after the game is completed.

    Effect Effect
    L1+L2+R1 Fake Pastel (VS) Pastel
    L2+R1 Fake Pastel (VS) Pixel
    L2+R2 Fake Pixel (VS) Fake Pastel
    L1+L2 Fake Pixel (VS) Pixel
    L1+R1 Pastel (VS) Fake Pastel
    R1+R2 Pastel (VS) Fake Pixel
    L1+R2 Pixel (VS) Fake Pixel

    Contributed by: Prince_Pixel 

  2. VS. Mode Player Select

    Complete the game, select VS. Mode, and hold these buttons as you
    select VS. Bosses mode. Originally, you don't need to hold down any
    buttons for Pixel, but he does have button combinations that allow you
    to select him.

    Effect Effect
    L2+R1 Play as Fake Pastel
    L1+L2 Play as Fake Pixel
    L1+R1 Play as Pastel
    L1+R2 Play as Pixel

    Contributed by: Prince_Pixel 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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