Gothic Cheats For PC

  1. Fall glitch

    You can jump of any cliff or any ledge without taking any damage!
    Whenever you jump off a high cliff or whatever, hold left or right strafe, and you'll land safely no matter how far the fall is, taking no damage.

    Contributed by: Teknopez 

  2. Marvin Codes

    Press s and type in marvin, then hit s again and on the top left screen it will display the phrase, "Marvin-Mode". Congradulations you have just entered cheat mode.

    Effect Effect
    H Character harms self
    K Character moves forward and can fall into ground if facing it, useful for getting passed locked doors
    Z Character spins around
    F2 Console
    F7 Cycle through game sections
    F8 Fully heal mana and health
    F5 Immobile camera
    F6 Mobile camera
    F4 Move camera back to player
    F3 Play in "windows" mode

    Contributed by: gabeo619 

  3. Codes

    During gameplay press S to open the menu, then enter marvin to enable cheat mode. Then press F2 during game to open the console and enter any of these cheats:

    Effect Effect
    version Display game version
    lichtbringer Get artifact for quest
    cheat god God mode
    harpie Harpie
    hurtswampschark Hurt shark
    load game Load game
    load position Load position
    lurker Lurker
    cheat full Restore health
    save Save game
    insert [item name] Spawn item
    print Take screenshot
    goto pos Teleport to castle
    goto waypoint Teleport to waypoint
    autocomplement Toggle cheats

    Contributed by: Starky27 

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