Simply Put Gothic 2 Is One Of The Best Buggiest Games Ever Made!!!

User Rating: 9 | Gothic II PC

The Story line: You Play As The name less hero who destroyed the magic barrier that surrounded the penal colony The nameless had to destroy the sleeper but the sleeper cried an order to all evil beings to come to Khorinis The Island Which the Game Is Set And All Of Them Came Even the Dragons……
The Story sounds Good and like a great sequel I give It 4/5

The Game; The Game Is Set In The Island Of Khorinis In A Medieval Setting The Island Is Filled With Areas Rich in Beautiful Farms And Dense Forests The World Is Beautiful Everything Goes Together like honey and bees the way when you walk around the city you find people speaking to each other whispering, plotting, greeting It Deserves a 5/5

The Sound: It's One Of The best Made With Beautiful Orchestras And Soothing Music While You Walk In The Forest And Suspenseful Music In Dangerous Fights It Deserves A 5/5

Graphics And Visuals: The Graphics haven't improved much from it's predecessor although the textures are quite better and the world is more detailed considering time but it's less detailed the other games in it's time It gets a 4/5

Combat System: its One Of The Best Ever Made Although It's Hard To Learn At First It's Battles Are Never The same Always Unique And In Time You'll Develop Techniques On How To Fight With Snappers, Trolls, Wolves, And Many More It Deserves A Full 5/5

Replay Value: You'll Want at least play this 3 times because every time is different whether you're a Paladin, Mercenary Or magician you'll never get tired of laying I've played myself at least 7 Times Trust Me You'll never Get Bored Of This 5/5

ONE very bad thing that lowers this game's score is bugs you'll get tired and sick of it so try to play it with a big heart

P.S If You Run the Game at 256 MB Memory it'll take Ages for The loading If You Want It Good Update Your RAM to 512MB

Bottom Line is this is a must-have for RPG gamers! Takes and Deserves 9.0/10