the best series i have played EVER .

User Rating: 10 | Gothic II PC
gothic is my most favorite game series.
it has a nice and amazing story line plus a great roleplaying system.
i love the way you play in these series and no other games ever can give me that pleasure when i play them..
i defenetly try it if i were you...
any question about the chapters ? mail me then....
in these series you can play how you like , act as you wish andgrab what you want. you can be friendly with either sides plunder the other one.
if you push it too much on a charactre ; he wont speek with you anymore. you beat someone neutural his dialogs will be replaced and you cant speek with him like before so be careful how you act with others and chose carefully who you beat or kill in this game.
in the game there are a few imortal ones you cant ever beat, and if you atack them the whole colony will be against you.
the classic graphic of the game is nice and the whole world is flashy.
so far i like the game very much . in these one like the gothic th marvel screen is enabled and you can use the good old cheats of gothic in this version too. you just have to type a certain name in the character menu to enable it.