To Date: Best RPG I have ever played !!!

User Rating: 8 | Gothic II PC
Gothic 2 gives RPG gamers every thing you would expect in a game. The story line excellent. It keeps your attention throught the game. There is a large world to explore, It takes place on the Island of Corinith where the people are preparing for an invasion of Orc's from the Valley of Mines. There is plenty of time to explore and you'll like the NPCs they actualy speak . This makes them far mor interesting. There are Excellent weapon's melee and ranged. I only used magic as defensive but there are good spells too. In later stages of the game you will be able to teleport to most places All I'll say about the Graphic's, They are Excellent. And just when you think you were getting a handle on things you find out there there is something bigger nd meaner just around the corner. I Think the most interesting thing about the game as it opens up to you as you are able to handle it. this both keeps the game from getting to easy or to diffacult. One last thing to every one still playing the game. There is an expancion pack coming out. Check out the posts for G2. Not sure if it's been released yet.
Makes me wish i still had G2 on my computer.