Best video game made by human being, embodiment of divinity !!!

User Rating: 10 | Gothic II: Night of the Raven PC
It is really difficult to find appropriate words to describe this game. People from Piranha Bytes proved thad perfection could be improved,everything from add-on have been implanted into original game with such a precision and meticulousness
that is unbelievable.They proved possibilty to make art of video games.This is great,interesting,beautiful,stunning,hard,mature,nothing cartoonish or video game-ish masterpiece.There is no green circles around characters or gleaming highlighting.Everything is so discreet and inconspicuous.When playing it,you are drawn in,but not Warcraft-like drawn in.There is a huge difference between Gothic 2 NoTR and World of Warcraft : World of Warcraft is a waste of time and life while NotR is fulfilment of the same with its every second played.Gothic is played by intelligence,WoW by...lack of right terms right now. Play Night of the Raven, live and breathe Gothic world with all your lungs. Trully,trully great and unsurpassed !!!