User Rating: 9.2 | Gothic II PC
An open ended fantasy environment with a great story and full voice acting. Why can't more RPG's be like this? The Gamespot review and some other reviews seem to disfavour the combat engine, but I actually quite like it. I like the fact that there is some skill in combat as opposed to it being just a numbers game. I think full on hack-and-slash is too arcadey, but this is a great compromise. The graphics are a little dated, but with everything cranked up it is still very pretty. The voice acting is a little on the 'redneck' side, but regardless it definitely adds to the overall immersion of the game. I like the first person mode, I think it adds again to the immersiveness of the game (I wish KOTOR would have had a first person mode). Weapons and stats have been kept pretty simplistic which is nice, because there is plenty more in the game to concentrate on. Loads of side quests and different monsters. Night and day combined with NPC sheduling (they sleep, work and play) is great. At $20, this is without doubt the best value I have ever got out of a game. If you haven't already got this, and you like fantasy and the open ended RPG games such as KOTOR then go buy it!