Gothic II is a vastly different experience than Morrowind, but equally as great.

User Rating: 8.6 | Gothic II PC
I had heard many people talking about this game, and decided to give it a try. Normally I don't really like action RPG's, but Gotic II still gave me much enjoyment. Gothic II is similar to Morrowind in concept, with a few major differences. Graphics are about the same and so is sound, though Morrowind's might be a little better on both parts. One of the major differences that you'll probably notice first are the controls. Many have legitimate complaints about them, and have often not been able to play the rest of the game. The controls can not be editted and are a bit hard to get used too, so you'll have to have a bit of patience to begin getting enjoyment out of this game. Gothic II has a much smaller size map than morrowind (though it's still quite large). An improvement over morrowind though are the townsfolk. All of them have schedules of what they do during the day and night which really brings life to the game. Another major difference from Morrowind is that Gothic is not as heavy on items. You will only find a few sets of armor throughout the game, 2 being for any class, and one or two for each class. There are more types of weapons, though they're a bit scarce. It really brings out the need for your character's skills over powerful weapons. Fighting is probably one of the biggest differences. Combat depends alot more on YOUR ability, since you have to time your attacks and blocks, which is a bit difficult to get used too. Taking on more than one enemy at a time is nothing more than a suicide run. If you can get used to controls, don't mind challenging games, and like action RPG's, Gothic II is a great game worthy of the price.