Gothic II: Gold Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Activating the command console

    Hit C during game play on your keyboard, then type in "MARVIN" (sans the quote marks) to activate the console. Hit C again to exit, and then press the [F2] key to display the console box.

    Effect Effect
    edit abilities Brings up a sub-menu where you can edit player abilities.
    cheat god Enables god mode.
    zfogzone Extends the view distance to near infinity.
    cheat full Heals player.
    invisible Invisible to all enemies.
    zhighqualityrender Makes the game look slightly better.
    insert <name/object ID goes here> Spawns desired item.
    first person Switches to first person view.
    goto waypoint Xardas Warps character in front of Xardas' tower.
    goto waypoint lighthouse Warps character to the Khorinis lighthouse.

    Contributed by: Winged_Elf 

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