Get Community Patch 1.71 and feel the Gothic euphoria!

User Rating: 9.5 | Gothic 3 PC
All i can say as others have is get the Community Patch 1.71 for GOTHIC 3! NOW! and play this epic rpg as it was meant to be.

With the 1.71 patch the game is stunning and even rivals the rpg works of Bethesda for its immersive addictive infinite gameplay.

Combat which was my main complaint with the original 2006 version is now flawless and even on easy level settings everything is balanced out with plenty of fun while keeping things challenging. Weaker enemies fall easily while stronger ones take a little longer but not frustratingly so due to the improved combat mechanics where if you feel your gonna hit you actually do :D No more clumsy sword wielding.

I can even zoom in with the camera for a first person view in and out of fighting. So for those who love rpgs with a first person view GOTHIC 3 now has you covered.

I have also noticed how incredibly well the graphics have held up over all these years with creatures and world architecture having a almost photorealistic quality to it even at medium settings and 1024x resolution though the game can handle much higher computer intensive resolutions easily.

I've been playing GOTHIC 3 on and off since it first came out in 2006 uninstalling it every time due to the buggy gameplay and lag. Now with the Community Patch 1.71 everything about it feels very polished and finished. The thought of uninstalling is the furtherest thing from my mind. I can finally enjoy the very hard work which was done by Piranha Bytes after all these years of my store brought copy of GOTHIC 3 sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

Hopefully the recent release of RISEN will have newcomers and old timers alike going back to give GOTHIC 3 another chance with the Community Patch 1.71 installed.

Thank you very much to all those involved for making GOTHIC 3 shine in all its rpg glory :) Salute!