Great game, best RPG of the year! Better than Oblivion in many ways. A must for real PC RPG fans!

User Rating: 8.8 | Gothic 3 PC
I don't know why so many people are having problems with this game. I have played 40+ hours without a single crash (v1.09 patched) (X2 4400 GeForce 7800 GTS OC AGP with 2GB RAM and an X-Fi sound card). The game play is way better than Oblivion and the actual design of the landscapes makes Bethesda's look amateurish. Sure the graphics aren't as good but i will take substance over visuals any day. Unlike Oblivion which has a crappy economic system and uninspired "magical" items, Gothic 3 delivers a good RPG experience (almost as good as NWN2- and in some ways better). It has some problems with the design (controls, not being able to pause time to take potions during a fight, a mediocre journal system and the inability to make notes on the map, a so-so inventory system- COME ON give us a graphic of our character to see what gear we have on- inventory slots would have been nice). Despite these flaws it is much more of a challenge than Oblivion (in which combat is WAY too easy and boring). Overall Gothic 3 offers the most interesting and challening experience since Baldur's Gate II and Arcanum). My advise, if you have a craptastic system with weak specs don't bother your system will probably crash- get Gothic 2 a great game as well. But if you have a decent gaming rig and like D&D style game play Gothic 3 is it! I like it simply because it was not designed for a console (hence Oblivion's stupid inventory and maping), but for true PC gaming. I hope they make a fourth. Final note: there are some glitches in the game's graphics and AI. But find me a game without them. I can think of none, especially for those that are so big. Both NWN games had them but I never read nearly as many complaints as there were about this game.