I cannot discribe that great game.

User Rating: 10 | Gothic 3 PC
I never expected that.A completly real world.I am waiting for gothic 4 now.It has great grafics.Music is very mystery and great.Only the combat system is the thing that i didnt like because it was simple but i don't care.All gothic games are great but that great i didn't expected.The story is great,i like the guilds too.Hashishin,orcs,rebels,nordmarians,nomads,rangers.BUY IT!!!BEST GAME EVER.I think that noeone has to miss it.Take it original.Buy a new computer to play it.If you dont stand the bugs just download the Community patch 1.6 and the bugs will be no more.And with the pathc it requires only 1 gram.There are some people who say that it is easy.Play it in hard if you think that.And if you still think that is easy then download the insane mod.It makes the enemies many and generally it makes it very difficult.So,BUY IT NOW!!!!!!