Great graphics, great music, great everything, so what could be better than that

User Rating: 8 | Gothic 3 PC
I started playing this game and loved it right from the start. So what is so good about this game, well, if you have a good enough graphics card then you can easily run this game to make it look amazing because the shadows are simply just really dynamic and without them the game just seems sort of strange and less realistic. Now the music seems to sound like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie because I haven't heard that good of music in a game for a long. The fighting system is not the best but if you get to a high enough level it can work really well so that is sort of so so. If people say "Oh the game lags for twenty minutes every five or ten feet" then they must have an extremely bad computer because I'm running it with three gig's of RAM and it lags aka loads in this game for about 5 seconds then I'm back on my journey, but even that doesn't happen to often. Now if you are going to compare this game with Oblivion all I have to say is DON'T! I have Oblivion and I have played both to compare and they are totally different the only thing that is about the same is the time period but that is pretty much it. Now for the bad things, I've counted and have come up with only three bugs that could really impact the outcome of the game and they are. One, the game failed to load a certain part of the map and I look from a safe distance away only to see some slaves carrying rocks up a hill to fall through the hill and die because it didn't load and to fix that was just to load my saved game and that hasn't happened since. Second, I was walking around one of the many towns in the game and I saw a mercenary clip through the ground walk through the map and then he came out another part of the ground. Third I was completing a quest with a paladin when he started walking around in circles constantly around a rock and the only way i could get him to stop was by hitting him and making him follow me to finish the quest then he went back with me to a rebel camp. And all this was with the latest patch. So in conclusion I'd have to say if you have a good enough computer, ready for a challenge, and patience this is the game for you!