It wasn't dumbed down for the console kiddies (sigh of relief). BUT the critical bugs aren't being fixed.

User Rating: 6.5 | Gothic 3 PC
Be cautious of reader reviewers who say "the game is too hard" and "where are the mission waypoints so I know where to go next?". Those are kids who played oblivion and want more of the same wayyyy too easy, fluffy thrills. Oblivion was a truly fun action game, but calling it an RPG is insulting to classic RPG games like Baldurs Gate 2, System Shock 2 and Deus Ex 1.

Bugs: Sorry, but complaining that the game doesn't run well on a first gen p4 doesnt really signify much of a complaint. This is a next-gen game. Having said all of that, the graphic engine is clearly not optimized at all. It has to cache every 10 seconds or so regardless of how low I set the graphic options. And when it caches, it stutters the framerate. This interferes with the gameplayer's immersion into the game and it really is unfortunate. Months have gone by and the patches aren't fixing the most obvious problems. I;m worried that Gothic 3 will never really be patched to the point that it works correctly. .

After the fantastic Gothic 2, Gothic 3 is a substantive sequel that reminds me why I like computer RPG's. Its also a gigantic shame the game could have used a few more months in development before it was released. As of January 2007, the game is still bug filled..