Same game, better developed.

User Rating: 8 | Gothic 3 PC
I will focus on the bad because all the rest is perfect, the game is a great RPG as it's predecesors.
What strikes you firts is that is way harder than de previous gothics. It is very, very hard to make the character grow. It takes a lot of time. You can do it, there are enough monsters to make it, but oh my god, it takes time.
The old abilities mixed with the new ones are pretty nicely put and in general I think that is a slight improvement. The story is quite the same but now you get the entire world dominated by orks... So when you are ready that is quite a blast.
I did not feel very comfortable with the magic development. You have to wait eons to get that abilities and I like being a wizard, so for me, It was a bit of a dissapointment.
I would have also liked to get better weapons more easily. But that is a personal remark, can be apealing for other people.

A buy for sure from the beginning, just a little pacience from the start till you get stronger.