This game is has really good game play, but has many bugs.

User Rating: 8.4 | Gothic 3 PC
I personally like the game and once they come out with a good patch to fix most of the bugs I think that my rating will go up, the gameplay is great; I love the combat system and how much you can customize your skills. The number one thing that hurts this score is the glitches and bugs. If you save a lot and don’t mind a few bugs I would say this game is great. I would say this is a must have, once they patch it more.

Minors: Messing up the screen, can't see what you write on consol, you just see white or red squares, when crawling around you might get up some framerate counter and several other programs which is squared out, sometimes the landscapes just dissapear if you walk on it you just messed it up more, sometimes when turning around it is 10x times more sensitive, and a few others

Glitches: there is a waterfall in the game where you can do a jump, land in the middle and end up on top, you can alse jump on mountain sides and jump up.

Majors: crash bugs lots and lots of crash bugs