It's a very interesting game as you progress through tons and tons of city's,quests,monsters and more.

User Rating: 8.5 | Gothic 3 PC

You have come to an Island called Corinis by a ship with some heroes from the 1 and 2 Gothic series,(I won't name them because you might not played 1 or 2 before) As yo come off the ship you see Orcs raiding the City.
Your first mission is to kick the Orc's ass.As yo could see there has been a war lately between the Orc's and the humans.(now called Rebel's)Your main mission is to help the Orc's or the Rebel's(it's your choice)to control all the city's.

Graphic's 7.5/10

The graphic's of monsters are quite good but still need a little work.The human's graphic's are better from the monsters' but still not great.The overall(mountain's path's and more) are the worst of all but not very bad.

Movement/battle 8.0/10

The movement of the character is normal nothing special to be honest and thre battle is actually one of the best thing in the game.The battle style changes as you have equipped different weapon,for example let's say you have a halberd(that's a type of spear)a halberd is a weapon I recommend for usae when you fight for example with 4 enemies at once.I forgot to say that there is strong attack a fast attack a killing attack and a jumping attack.

Thank's for reading I hope it helped you in someway. :]