Broken combat, shallow game design overall. An old gothic fan dissapointed.

User Rating: 3 | Gothic 3 PC
Jowood hired a different team to develop Gothic 3 which not only had even worst skills than the original team, but also killed the story.

Orcs now look like Shrek you don't know if to kill them or vomit them to death. Although combat is the worst part, the Gothic series had a decent combat. I grant it had to be leveled up to make it interesting and needed actually some skills to swing the sword correctly but it was darn exiting. Mobs had to be approached differently and dodged your swings. Orcs were scary as they were huge and had axes bigger than the nameless hero. And they looked awesome.

Now in Gothic 3 combat is like in Morrowind, you just click to swing the sword like a dumb peasant hoping that the enemy is even dumber than you to move to the swing area. Fortunatelly in Gothic 3 the enemies are actually dumber and do move in your attack area so its plain simple.

Gothic 3 turned to be a lame game and killed the gothic series for ever.

I only played this game to learn how the story of the nameless hero, Xardas and their friends ended.